Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm pretty proud of this little houseplant


My mom gave me this plant the day my older son, Zachary, was born. It was in the little baby planter you see next to the very large planter. When Mom gave it to me, there were three or four little stems, and it was half-dead, as she had forgotten all about it in her car on the hot July day. I managed to bring it back around. There is another little sentimental note to add: when I was seven, my mother had a baby boy, who only lived a week. That little planter was a gift she had received when Gerry was born, and she kept it all this time to give to me. I was shocked the Easter after my mom died when the first of the crazy red flowers sprouted!

By the way, if anyone can tell me the name of the plant, I'd be much obliged!


  1. Monica and I think that's a Red Anthurium. Hard to say what exact variety since there are hundreds of hybrids. Could be something like a Flamingo Lily. They are tropical.

    It was pretty easy to identify this as an Arum of some kind because of the distinctive flower (a spadix) similar to jacks-in-the-pulpit and Calla.

  2. you are amazing!

    I have a black thumb so that little thing wouldn't have had a chance with me.