Thursday, February 14, 2008

Have you ever made yourself a valentine?

Well, I have, and you should. I made these after I made valentines for my boys and husband. The real trick was to pause a moment, and say, yes, I am worth using up some of my best scrapbooking supplies, and not just scraps. I got carried away and made two. And yes, when I was done I wrote myself a couple of handwritten notes and put my cards into my sketchbook.


This one has a real lavender sachet...smells so nice!



  1. What a great idea Shannon. Those cards look wonderful. It will be neat to reread them in the future - just like a diary or blog entry.

    PS. The purse worked wonderfully last night and I had someone compliment me on it at the restaurant! Thank you again for the fantastic purse!

  2. Hey Shannon,

    Somehow I had missed the MySpace posting saying you were moving over here. I had just said to Bob over the weekend that I hadn't seen a post from you in so long I was going to send you a note to make sure you were OK. Then today I saw the post over there. I'm relieved it is just a change of venue!

    I will certainly pray for your cousin, and for all of your family affected by this trauma. One good thing about little ones like that is that their bodies are resilient!

    Again, I am just so glad to be back in your blogosphere!! I missed you more than you would believe!!!!!!