Monday, June 30, 2008

Child's party invitations

I'm too cheap to buy party invitations at $4 for a pack, so I made my own this time. Materials used were a set of colored, blank, plain notecards I already had (they come 50 for $10 and I have used them for tons of projects) glue stick, scrap papers from other projects, scissors, and a $1.59 pack of stickers that are the theme my son wants for his party, "Scooby Doo."


My only problem was that I did not have ten of the same color, so I did four different designs. Then for the inside I used my computer to print out the actually time and date information which read "Come join the gang for a cookout to celebrate Zack's birthday party! and pasted them inside, along with brightly colored flower punches to look like the mystery machine. We also invited the grownups to either dress 70's or as a Scooby-villain, (or to just come as they are...we aren't bullies!)

The main kid activities are:
---a game where they wrap each other up in white crepe paper like mummies.
---a large poster of the Mystery Machine that they will paint together.
---Scooby coloring pages I downloaded online for free.
---Husband will do an experiment with them, making fog from dry ice.
---making their own "doggie bags" for treats out of brown paper backs, pawprint stamper and stickers.
---Some yet-to-be-determined "mystery."

Some other things: Scooby-snack grahams in a metal bowl to look like a dog dish, and I always make my own cake, and this year I found a scooby cake topper/ candle to put on top. We also have lime green and aqua decorations, and a scooby balloon. And I found a scooby music cd at the library. This is no doubt the most work I will probably ever put into a child's party, but he's turning 5, and I think that's important.

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