Monday, July 7, 2008


In gardening news, mostly everything is coming in great. The corn is hit and miss. Some was knee-high-by-the-4th-of-July, and some of it isn't going to make it. The zuccini and squash are doing fabulous, as well as all the potted tomatoes and peppers. I even have edible lettuce and peas now! And a rose I had written off finally came in. I owe this all to my bunnies, lol. Last year I put these two tiny bunny statuettes in my garden out front...hid them among the ground cover. And suddenly a few days ago we realized there is a bunny nest in our bushes! Now, I keep telling these little guys, that are brown and no bigger than your hand, to keep out of the next door neighbors' yard. They not only don't like creatures, they keep a trap out back and drown whatever they catch!!! They claim this is to keep their own garden safe, but still every year their garden seems to fail, or at least is not very productive. In the meanwhile, ours is doing great, and we haven't even finished the fencing. I have a theory on this...Mother Earth will NEVER bless anyone who drowns God's little critters. No, in this I have to agree with my MIL's lovely philosophy of wildlife and vegetable gardens: just plant enough for everyone.
(Hopefully I can catch a pic of the bunnies...they scamper around while I'm watering every evening.)


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