Friday, December 26, 2008


I humorously dubbed "Believe" as the theme of Christmas this year because I had an idea that Santa would be bringing the Polar Express for the boys. Also with my boys being 3 and 5 I figure this is about as perfect as it gets with regard to the whole believing thing. What I didn't reckon was how I myself would have a resurgence of faith. But I have.

Start with the simple act of going to church. For the first Christmas Eve in four years we went to a service! And what a gift we got: when we sang "Away in a Manger" we were treated to the sound of our Zack, singing as clear and loud as his voice would let him in a manner that would make Wesley himself smile, and he knew every word to all three verses!

Next, of course I have to mention our friend Mark who according to his wife's blog is doing great with his new kidney. As our old pastor Ellen used to say, how wonderful, how marvelous.

And finally a phone call from my 84 year old grandfather and his wife on Christmas Eve. They're both doing fine, getting by of course. But grandma delivered the news of the day: my cousin's baby, who just celebrated his first birthday, is cancer free! Yes, diagnosed at two months old with a rare form of cancer, stage 3, a tumor the size of a grapefruit in his belly, he is cancer free!!!! Praise God! I haven't written about this, but I have been pulling a dog eared photo of that little boy out of my nightstand drawer and praying all year and the Lord delivered this baby from cancer. What wonderful medical care he has had at Akron Children's and Boston Children's, where he received 31 rounds of chemo, a surgery, and radiation therapy. They also stayed at the Ronald McDonald houses; what a wonderful resource and good work they do. Miraculous.

I have to say this. Some don't believe in miracles or the power of prayer. Think of this: Jesus can't be here with us on earth. He sends us each other. We are His hands and feet on Earth. We are called to care for one another, be it through prayer or performing surgery or taking a hot meal to a neighbor who's husband is ill. When that little baby was sent to live with us so long ago, he was sent as a symbol of peace, good will towards people. Things don't always go our way and we can't help that. But no matter the result, we have to keep praying and doing and helping and believing.

I hope all my blogland friends had a very Merry Christmas! BELIEVE!!!!

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