Thursday, December 4, 2008

More holiday decorating, and my seasonal challenge

Today I was on fire! I cleaned off my dumpy little shelf in the dining room corner and pulled out all the holiday decor that I have been stowing away since the kids were born. Now they are not little anymore, so got it all out. The little shelf has never looked so nice!

I showed off some of my globe ideas; more on that later. I was tickled to find that I actually had 2 8 1/2 by 11 frames to frame some Christmas sheet music that my mother in law gave us last year.

I was surprised to find that I have a "collection" of cookie tins to display; they were all over the house, some in the kitchen, some with the Christmas stuff.

I even made the functional storage a little more presentable.

And the challenge. In September my sister got married, and I bought 45 round glass globes to set floating candles in. And we only used 20. And of those 20, maybe 4 or 5 managed to stay lit for longer than the first half hour. Ah well; at least I only paid a buck a piece for them. So as a bit of a visual joke for my family, I thought it would be fun to scour my scraps and the whole house to see how many ways I can dress up a round glass globe! Some of them will be used for gifts later, and I will post everything I came up with.

This really is addictive!

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