Thursday, December 18, 2008

Proof that I am a little highly strung right now

Today I had the great pleasure of accompanying my younger son to his first ever Christmas program at preschool. After singing, and a slideshow, we were invited to the classrooms to make a craft with the kids. So of course I was delighted. My expectations were low because one, he's never made a craft with me, and two, he's never made a craft at school and week after week when all the other moms are picking up their little ones' painty, gluey, pasta or glitter covered projects, there is never one with his name on it. No biggie, that's just how he rolls, right?

Well today, he actually got into it! We made our tree ornament and he helped with glue and wanted to stick shiny things to the tree. Then we all went to the fellowship hall for a snack, which was so cool, and he and I spent our time feeding each other muffins and pretzels and juice, and singing carols to the amused people at our table. So fun.

Fast forward to lunch. After meeting the bus for my older son, we ran a quick errand to the store then I was making lunch. I realized the ornament was lost! I kept looking for it, remembering that I had taken it out of the car. I was so bummed. Then I remembered. I remembered I had put it on the top of the car while getting my other things out! I quickly grabbed my coat and shoes and went running like a lunatic out into the street, where gloriously there it was!!! In the middle of the street right in front of our house, with only one set of tire tracks on the back!!! I started whooping and singing and dancing in the street.

Truly a Christmas miracle! But the best gift of course was spending time one on one with my little dude.

I also think I might need to spike my bedtime cocoa for a proper nightcap. Sheesh.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! Gosh, we are almost neighbors, just a state away! Merry Christmas!