Saturday, December 27, 2008

Random Christmas Stuff

The boys on Christmas Eve, waiting for their bedtime stories.

Ken's perfect whipped cream, known in German as schlag, and loved by Austrians on their desserts and coffee.

My brother and his lady, looking like a couple of regular Santa's helpers

Zack holding his bag of reindeer food, which is oats and glitter. He actually said "this is a great craft Mom."

Husband seemed to choke up a little over one of his gifts: I found a couple of postcards from the area where he grew up, including one of the engineering firm his dad had worked for.

Two actually good photos of me were taken, which I am not used to. In the first one I am in the background on Christmas morning, behind my sis and her hubby. In the other it is me and Nathan on Christmas Eve.

One of my treasures found a good home. Turns out this last minute gift, a teacup made in Japan, pulled out of my "stash" was just the right thing for my brother in law's mom, a real sweetheart. She has a display of special teapots and cups in her dining room. Treasures collected with love always end up in the right hands!

Santa couldn't have been more right on with the Polar Express. The wistful smile you see is that of a boy who, for now at least, believes in Santa.

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