Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blue crafts

Part of my goal to make a craft a day, and all of these are from the past week or so. The image of the Victorian lady was from the Year of Color blog, so I made a blank card from it. I think I will do that every month.

These are called felt bon bon rings. I'll probably make a few more and save them as gifts.

This was my favorite thing. I was trying to have an "old fashioned" morning with the boys the other day when school was out, so I decided to make a little blue guy out of felt. Zack asked if I was making and angel and I thought, hey that's a great idea!

Today will be hard to scrape a little time together. At 9:15 the school called to tell me to come get my sick son, so that's not great. Today we have a short doc appointment and tomorrow is my son's loooooong ophthalmologist appointment to endure. Hopefully I'll still be able to do a couple of things while they sleep.

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