Thursday, January 29, 2009

Monday was Chinese New Year

Welcome to our 5th snow day of the year. It's getting old. This week, to combat the boredom of being stuck indoors I came to the decision that as a family we are going to celebrate all the holidays! Actually it's an easy way to teach the kids about different cultures.

We spent our morning watching "Kung Fu Panda." I applaud Po the Panda, because for the first time ever the boys want to try Chinese food, esp. dumplings. So probably Saturday we'll either head out for Chinese or pick up some carryout. I'll also try to pick up a cd from the library with traditional Chinese music.

Earlier in the week we made these cool paper lanterns. We got the basic idea from Ni Hao Kai Lan's website on, but used red paper that we stamped with Chinese characters that Auntie Caroline gave mommy earlier this year. Then you just fold the paper in half and clut slits into it. You can get lots of ideas on for all kinds of kids crafts. Here are Chinese New Year Ideas from Kaboose.

I got the idea for this banner out of my own head! We took a piece of felt and glued an old chopstick to either end, rolling the fabric to look like a banner. Then we colored a picture of an ox that we found on Activity Village and cut that out and pasted it to our banner. We used some gold glitter glue to write ox, because it is of course the year of the ox. And then tied it up at the top with a bit of gold trim. We also printed off several more coloring pages.

I thought I'd throw in this pretty picture of a koi pond we saw when we stopped over in Chattanooga, Tennessee a couple of years ago. It is part of a garden area at the Chattanooga Choo Choo, which is a hotel now.

I am starting to see a real need to celebrate every day in some way with the kids, even if it is by doing something very small. You don't need a lot of money. All the things I mention in this post were made with stuff we already had, and were fairly easy to make. Also, the projects are easy to put together quickly, and young children really like things like that.

Finally, where would we be without Wikipedia? Read all about Chinese New Year, or "Spring Festival" here. As I gaze out over the frozen landscape, I absolute love the idea that somewhere it is spring.

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  1. so fantastic!! what an awesome way to introduce different cultures to your boys!