Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Valentine's Gift is in the Mail! (No Peeking Jen)

I signed up for my first online "swap." I have a buddy from Buda, Texas, and our mission was to swap valentine's goodies that represent "All that we love" like craft supplies, household decor, handmade or thrifted items, that kind of thing. I hope she likes it! I am happy that we are starting February tomorrow---I've been feeling blue for long enough and am ready for PINK!


  1. Love your blue music!
    Looks like we have been looking at the same blogs. I have been thinking about making one of those felt bon bon rings-yours looks great. Also want to try the clipboard project and an inspiration board this month in pink. What a good idea of making a craft a day!

  2. Thanks for checking out my new blog. You are my first official follower!!!!Yeah!

    Wow, can't believe you already uploaded all that pink music-My kids had fun listening to the pink panther song.