Friday, January 30, 2009

Wrapping up Blue & White January

It was almost the end of the month before I found the idea to make an inspiration board! This is all new to me, ha ha!

At the start of the month, I scoured my stuff looking for light blue things. I was surprised at how inspiring it was just to group things together. This simple grouping planted the seeds for a lot of ideas for me.

I started to see inspiration all around me.

Several blue projects, including the bon bon rings and the candle project. I've always wanted to be more creative, and I never considered that simply doing another person's project idea from a book, magazine or blog could jog my own creativity as much as it has.

A card and tag I made, inspired by all these great blogs I have been reading.

My blue guy, partially inspired by my YOC swap partner who is into felting, and partially by my son, who thought it would be cool if I made and angel out of it.

Another craft idea from the YOC blog.

A blue pirate layout, in progress.

A sweet tin of bird stickers I found at Paper Thread on a lovely shopping trip with the girls last weekend at Polaris Mall.

The afghan I made for my older son as a baby.

I have been learning how useful an inspiration journal is. I did one a long time ago when we were first furnishing our house, but now I am seeing the use of trying to do a page a day.

The print from a vintage day dress I own. I know that I never considered these prints as much as I do now.

Cover of a bulk lot of vintage sheet music I acquired. I copied and used the bird image in my inspiration journal. I never realized how beautiful sheet music can be in crafting.

Natural beauty. This month's artistic pursuits have kept me uplifted. This view from my back window a year ago would have been, well, rather oppressive considering how cold and snowy it's been. Now I see it all in a new light.

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  1. wow! just wow!!!

    i'm tired just looking at all the stuffs you did! and inspired