Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Attempts at Mardi Gras art w/ the boys

I'm sure it's obvious which mask I made and which ones were the boys'. The small mask is actually part of a bag of bland ceramic masks I found for 50 cents at the thrift this past summer. There are a whole bunch of mini ones too, and I had hoped to do something more interesting with them, but unfortunately a few health concerns had my mind occupied much of the week. All is well for now, though. Nate's contribution was his lovely green and purple painting. We also feasted Sunday on pancakes for breakfast, jambalaya for lunch ( my own, and it was good!) and lamb and cous cous for supper. Partially because of Lent coming, and mainly because Ken has been working so hard that I felt like making Sunday into a party for him and the boys. And me! Today I hope we finish the donuts in the kitchen because Zack and I will be observing Lent by giving up sweets, and Ken is giving up fancy coffee.

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  1. cute masks!!!!

    i used to give up beer and pop for Lent back in the day - best of luck to you in your lenting