Friday, February 13, 2009

I really like Valentine's Day

Of course it's true what they say about the green ones!

The boys helped me replace the snowflake decorations with little hearts. It was a beautiful 40 degree day today so we headed for the park.

A few little crafts I made: a trinket box, a heart pillow ornament, and two Victorian candy thingies. I will probably fill the cones with some little candies for the boys. (Husband shook his head and said, you do realize we have boys, right?)

I wanted some way to display my vintage valentines, so I used this other frame I had on hand.

I have arranged all kinds of goodies that I've been working on.

The boys' artwork is hung on the fridge/gallery.

Tomorrow we go on our big date out while the kiddos go to Oma's. Ken sent me the full classic husband's Valentine's gift of chocolates, a dozen roses and a teddy bear! And tonight I baked a red velvet cake to share with the boys since we will be gone tomorrow. Later I will make their valentines. Every year I make valentines for Ken and the kids and will have them by their breakfast plates in the morning. Most likely we'll have a sweet, like pancakes. I hope everyone has a sweet valentine's day!

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  1. Love all the fridge art!
    Have a nice dinner with hubby,
    Happy Valentine's Day,