Saturday, February 14, 2009

Opened my swap gift!!!

Photo taken this morning: proof that I waited a week and a half to open this!

First of all, my partner Jen wrapped each little gift by sewing them in several layers of tissue paper, then packaging them in a nice plastic scrapbook paper keeper, something I really really really needed actually.

This is probably my favorite: heaps of stickers, and the little pink guy was made by Jen; she is into felting.

She also gave me this decorative heart and this picture frame. Take a close look in the frames: she pulled pics off my blog and set them in b/w. I laughed out loud because I gave her a photo brag book with a pic of her family on the cover!

She did this really cute scrapbook layout in purple!!!

My goodies for Jen, wrapped up and ready to post (two weeks ago)

Before wrapping: a group of felts bunched like flowers (this is a nice trick for baby showers: you make a little bouquet out of onesies) a photo book I altered with some trim, a doily and a milinery flower, the pink packet is full of felt hears, a vintage valentine hanky I found, never used, embroidery flosses, and the thing I like best of all, the heart. It is a restored tin heart that was salvaged from a tin ceiling in a house that was being demolished. Of course I found it on Etsy , from Cottage in the Sun. The coolest part is the heart came from a house in San Antonio, and my partner is from Texas, so that was neat. I also found the hearts on Etsy from Eclectic Meadow . I am really impressed by all the cool offerings on Etsy and really glad to support small businesses in that way.

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  1. firstly congrats on waiting!!! i don't think i could have!

    what an incredibly thoughtful swap i must say! that picture fram would have brought tears to my eyes.

    and yay for etsy!!!!! (even if they have people claiming rights to ROYGBIV lol)