Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine's crafting and the need for studio space

The boys were bored this morning so I pulled out these cardboard letters I had painted white and stashed away for just such an occasion. We then did splatter painting with pink and red acrylic paint, getting more on us than on our kisses and hugs!

Some of my pink projects as well as a few past thrifted finds, like the pretty boxes. I also found a set of three really ugly heart shaped nesting boxes, so this week I am going to paint and/or decoupage them. Also this week I did another luminary candle, a heart pillow and a valentine with a heart window.

Evidence that I really need to rethink my space. The beautiful dining room I put together is again unrecognizable. I just like working in there because I can keep a good eye on the boys. In the upstairs office I was too disconnected from the family which surprisingly depleted my creativity.

Crafts from today: I painted the little box and added one of my cool bird stickers from Paper Thread . When I am done coating it, I will add some ribbon. The boys made their valentine cards for Oma, who is kind enough to have them over next Saturday night while the parents go for the romantic dinner. We also got all the school valentines signed and assembled, and I made a few more cards as well.


  1. I love the xo letters - very cute! My bff just had a wall of built in bookshelves made for her bonus room. She's planning on keeping all of her crafty stuff there. I'm so jealous!

  2. i'm starting to spread my craftiness all over our house - which isn't good - so this year our project is gonna be to get a room set up for me where I can store EVERYTHING crafty i do. (altho i don't have kids to worry about when i design it)

    suggestion - get a big crate (i saw them at joann's yesterday for $10) and shove your crafty stuff in there when you're done at the end of the day - it doesn't have to be pretty - but then you can feel slightly normal with a clear table.

    now excuse me while i take my own advice

  3. Although I have a separate craft room-spare bedroom-there is something "special" about dining room or kitchen tables that just seems to attract stuff! I have never been able to keep a table clear for long...