Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The last day of March; I supposed I'm allowed a bit of navel gazing

**********If you landed here after searching "birthday spanking" please CLICK HERE********

I finally got around doing this little project for "Monochromatic March" on the Year of Color blog, in my favorite color. It's a mini art journal.

Back of my journal. I don't really know what I want to even use this for.

Finally, today is my birthday, and I am 37. I don't feel 37, whatever that's supposed to feel like. In fact, I still feel like a little kid in many ways. People always ask when I miss my parents the most, and assume it's Christmas. Actually I seldom think of them then. For Dad, it's OSU/Michigan day. For Mom, it's Easter. And for the both of them, it's my birthday. So every year I venture out and find something pretty for myself, to reflect on how much I know they loved me. This year it was this gerbera daisy plant. So cheerful; like them.

Just for fun, me at birth

1st Birthday; I still have the same forlorn expression on my face most birthdays

3rd birthday: boy, Mom really knew how to pull a theme together

5th birthday; I am the spitting image of Zachary

5 years old and on wheels; that was the big one! Boy those were the days.


  1. That picture when you were four is an AMAZING likeness of Zach!!

    Hey, Happy Birthday!!! I think it is way understandable to miss your parents today. I remember hearing somewhere that by rights, instead of getting gifts on our birthday it ought to be a time when we send our mother flowers.

    Enjoy those birthdays in the 30's, girl. I turned the big 5-0 in December, and there's no denying the emotional impact of that one. But the sequence you're in now were my favorites. You are old enough to understand a lot of stuff and young enough to put that understanding to good use!

  2. Hi,
    Happy Belated B-Day!!!
    Just read about it.
    Gee-your pics look just like mine when I was that age(I am 42 now). I mean that late 60's look-
    I think we even had same haircut-
    Read what you wrote on my blog-We do have a lot in common...
    Will be on vacation till after Easter so Happy Easter-Talk to you when I get back.