Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My green crafts

My St. Patrick's Day, mostly mono-chromatic banner.

I made this group of three green small gift boxes. My favorite is the one with the flower, which I was inspired by Victorian hat boxes.

My messy book; I'm calling it "My Irishy Book." It's a collection of not only pictures and souvenirs from my own trip, but also postcards sent to me, as well as souvenirs from other "Irish" experiences such as show tickets and things from the Dublin, Ohio Irish Fest. The flag I painted myself. I plan to just keep adding things to this as I find them.

The image to the left is the family crest from the McKenna Clan. I am my grandmother's namesake as we both share McKenna as a middle name, which was her mother's maiden name. Our ancestor who came from Ireland, County Monaghan, emigrated in 1849, presumably escaping the famine, and became a settler in Kenton, Ohio, where he ran a newspaper.

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