Thursday, March 19, 2009

New altered book page

I posted earlier in the year that I am working on an altered book that I am calling "Angels and Saints." It is very personal, and chronicles my journey through, well, grief over the abrupt passing of my parents. I was inspired first and foremost by my mother's love of angels, so I will soon be doing a page on her. Plus there are a lot of little synchronicities that I wanted to explore.

This page is all about my dad, who died of throat cancer. I have a nephew named Blaze, and I was struck by the irony that St. Blaze/Blaise/Blasius is the patron of ailments of the throat. I found a card with his image on it, and on the back of it was the traditional prayer of St. Blaise, part of which goes "you miraculously restored a child who was near death from an affliction of the throat." I juxtaposed this with another synchronicity: that the first Sunday after my father's larynx was removed, I went to church, and the opening hymn was "O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing" which is the sheet music I used behind the photo of my dad in the children's choir, at the same church. I could barely speak, because all I could think of was sitting in that church as a child with my dad, in the same pew, hearing him sing that song with his beautiful baritone voice. Even though he lost his voice well over a year before he died, I think I greived that more.

The book I used is called "Irish Ghost Stories" so I left several lines from the pages I painted in red open. They read "Why did you not speak?" "I could not speak" and so forth, which again, was a weird accident that seemed appropos. I then at the last minute added the photos of him from his own wedding, as well as the photo of he and I dancing.

So far this is only my second layout. My mother's angel layout comes next, so I will be looking for angel images and dreaming up what to do. I am treating this as more of a meditation than a regular craft project, and so am putting a lot more thought and effort into it. Heck, I even learned how to do a little gold leafing.

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  1. That is a beautiful book you are making and I know it will also become sort of a healing journey. Wishing you the best- It is weird how synchronicity works...