Monday, March 30, 2009

Wow that was a busy week

Spring break came, and in order to keep the boys busy, we spent the week spring cleaning, plus I did a lot of little home projects. One thing I really wanted to do was to update the tv room:


After! Basically, I got some floral shears for the windows, covered the pillows with fabric remnants I got for 60% off, replaced the dangerous old torch lamp with a new fancy floor lamp, built and painted the little mission accent shelf (it was a $5 kit) and painted the coffee table black. All we have left is to change out the pictures in there, and I think I'm going to do a craft project with the men on that, so I will post that when it becomes available.

The boys attended their first ever live play on their Oma's birthday. It was "Sarah Plain and Tall" and on top of it being a really good performance, the boys really enjoyed it and their behavior couldn't have been better. The only commotion we had was that every now and then Nathan would say in his deep little voice: "Daddy I like this movie!" He did have to be pulled out of the auditorium mid way through the second act because he shared that he had to go potty. Oh well, it was still great.

We didn't want to go home right away after the play because the weather was amazing, so we hung out talking outside of the North Market. The boys basically ran and climbed for a half hour. Thank goodness the market was closed for the day.

Zack is worn out.

My little men and I managed to get an unreal amount of the spring cleaning done by the end of Monday, so we goofed around some for the rest of the week.

Building at COSI.

Zack lost a front tooth! The tooth fairy always brings gold dollars, which he is saving for a new train.

My sis and I celebrated our birthdays together like we always do because they are only twelve days apart. Tomorrow I turn 37, which is pretty much the same as turning 36, 35, etc. as far as I can tell. I am celebrating by going to the nursery for some things for the vegetable garden, half of which I planted today. Dear husband wants to go out tomorrow night for dinner but I am tempted to order my favorite pizza for us instead. Although I don't feel older, I do feel wiser, and part of that wisdom is in knowing that sometimes a simple thing is best.

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