Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April was Polka Dots

I don't think I'm really "into" polka dots, which was this months Year of Color theme. Took me the whole month to scrounge up enough polka dots to make my inspiration pages. There was a scavenger hunt too, but I didn't get done in time to enter. So here are my pics for fun.

Food with polka dots

Polka dots in nature

More of nature's polka dots in the form of spring sleet on my deck.

A polka dotted craft

My something vintage: a pair of polka dotted day dresses

My polka dotted article of clothing

Another polka dotted "craft" of sorts: my son's space wall.

The only thing I was inspired to actually make this month with polka dots: a few snips of purple polka dotted ribbon. I don' t think I actually dislike polka dots. I recall having lots of brightly colored polka dotted clothes and accessories in the 80's. I think I just don't actually know how to incorporate them. May is "green" and I think that will work a lot better for me.

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  1. Hi Shannon,
    Was going to ask you if you were ready for green, but I see you are!
    Me too! Monochrome and polka dots was kinda difficult-but I think I am set for green.
    Have you done any swaps?
    I am doing the ATC swaps, but did not make it for the May baskets. Wonder what the next one will be?
    Take care,