Monday, April 27, 2009

Our latest family adventure, or, How My Family Isn't Always Perfect

It is come to this blogger's attention that my lovely pictures and tales outline an almost idyllic state of domestic affairs around here. So for fun I won't trouble you with the pictures of the homemade granola and trail mix we made as a group activity with the kids or any of that nonsense. (Okay we did that but all was not to be, well, as perfect as that little activity. So, for fun, here is a photographic essay in how our family is pretty much like anyone else's on vacation and sharing some of the anecdotes that won't necessarily fit neatly into the scrapbook.

Zack hiding in the cabin and doing a little art to pass the time while trying to get away from Daddy fussing at the grill.

The confident chef. Except that we were using a bag of charcoal leftover from last year. That I opened over the winter to grab eyes for the snowman. And that due to the humidity it probably absorbed, took over an hour and a lot of fussing to get hot enough to cook four hamburgers and a couple of hotdogs.

Dinner the first night. Everyone argued because applesauce was the only thing the children would eat, and the parents did not appreciate that the boys refused to eat the hot dogs because they had cheese in them. There was much whining and cajoling, the meal ending with two hungry boys.

My Angel Nathan, the constant source of shreiking throughout most of the trip.

Trying to get them to sleep was impossible. Not just the cute boy-stuff, but really really annoying. We finally ignored them while drinking beers on the back porch.

This is my sweet husband on the first morning, having had no sleep partially because a large group up the road took charge of the communal campfire ring and were hooping it up pretty good, and partially because the boys were popping out of bed every hour or so. Oh, and the bed sucked too.

Finally on the trail, there were some cute moments, like Zack stopping to draw a picture of a waterfall. Hmph, and he didn't want to hike.

Piece of interesting driftwood. My way of passing the time.

Taking a pic of my shoes whilst pretending not to know who Nathan or my husband, who was chasing him, were.

The boys overlooking the Devil's Bathtub. Literally one minute later I was dashing after Nathan, well off the marked path, grabbing him just as he was about to slip on the mud and down the thirty-forty feet into the ravine.

See, Nathan is something of a Bear Grylls. He likes to climb. A lot. We like this, but we also sort of hate it, especially when he's centimeters from plummeting to his own demise. Which was often.

When he throws a fit and won't go where he's supposed to, Daddy chucks him on his shoulders. He spent much of the trip just like this.

Night two: Ken starts the fire early so the boys can have the campfire experience before the morons come out with their alcohol. We think they actually felled a pine tree for firewood the night before because Ken swears he heard a chainsaw. Notice the large tree trunk pieces in the background. I am pretty sure doing that in a state park is a misdemeanor. We did eat well that night: dogs, grilled cheeses for Zack, chips, and s'mores. Though of course the boys didn't want to cook their own food. Or even have a toasted shmarshmellow. No, they only ate plain marshmellows and chocolate squares. Still, it was okay. Except that Nathan continued to whine and shreik and fuss about everything.

They amused themselves on the swings, caring little for the campfire.

Tomorrow: Redemption and the Moonville Tunnel


  1. You are too funny! Love the photo of your boots while you were ignoring your family! Cracks me up....

  2. this is the best blog post ever!!!

    oh! and hooray beer!

  3. I promise you, these kinds of vacations will be more fun when they are a little older.

    This blog was humor gold!

  4. Ahh.. yes.. Just as I remembered. As for the camp fire. For you keeping track at home, we used actual hard wood. Cooking over pine is like cooking over a chemical factory. Not good eats.