Friday, April 3, 2009

Two cool things this Friday

First of all, I prepped these three canvases. Basically I needed cheap art for the tv room. I now want to figure out what images I want to put on them, or just hang them up as-is. They are collage pieces, where I used different papers, followed by layers of paints, textured paints, vintage sheet music and gold leaf. When they dry I'll hang them up and see if I like them. What I liked about this was little Nate joined me, and there are no wrong ways to paint here, so it was right up a 3 year old's alley.

On a whim, I took the boys to see the baby elephant at the Columbus Zoo! He is only a week old, and today was the first day for visitors, so I made the spontaneous decision to go as soon as Zack hopped off the bus. It was cold and rainy so we didn't have much of a wait. Tomorrow they are calling for sunshine, and the zoo already had up the barriers with signs reading "60 minute wait to see baby elephant from this point." We made a great call! He is adorable!

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  1. awww! the baby elephant is too cute for words!!!!!