Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Redemption: The Moonville Tunnel

If you are a fan of The Secret or what's known as The Law of Attraction you will enjoy this. By Sunday morning, a mere 48 hours after embarking on this little journey of ours I was ready to throw in the towel. Once again we got little sleep, then sat up half the night having a heart-to-heart about the kids, which is all fine and dandy, but by morning we were all obnoxious again. By the time the breakfast dishes were done I was literally in tears because I had had enough. I just wanted to go home and crawl into bed, which pissed me off cause we still hadn't seen the Moonville Tunnel, and I've been wanting to do that for more than a decade.

We were all packed by 9:30am, and I wandered out onto the porch while the boys and Ken finished up loading the car. I said a little prayer. I asked the Universe to please let me have a nice pleasant day and see the Moonville Tunnel. I calmed my mind. And guess what???

We did it! And, with hardly any fussing at all!

Nothing finer than an old deserted railway tunnel on a very nice day. There aren't even any marked trails or anything. You have to follow the directions found in a Vinton County tourist flyer to get there. Oh, and the road to get there is a dirt road. It is awesome! The boys really loved having a mystery to solve.

Supposedly, the Moonville Tunnel is haunted too! There is also some evidence that a couple of folks did actually die in or around the tunnel in railway accidents.

Zack didn't understand why I told him I thought the humans that populate this tunnel bother me more than the ghosts.

My Happy Family at Moonville Tunnel.

We then made our way back to Logan, to this crazy little plaza we love called Rempel's Grove. I think all little towns have these. It has The Olde Dutch Restaurant, a craft mall, a great big antique store, canoeing, an ice cream shop, mini golf and a petting zoo. Very kitschy. After being very well fed by the Dutch and their fantastic buffet (broasted chicken anyone?) the boys let me have a brief excurstion through the antique shop. Hurray! And still, no fussing and whining either!

Found some excellent railroading memorobilia.

Odds and ends for me. The big green ledger was more of a score that I first realized. It is a secretaries' ledger from the Ladies auxilary to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen from 1932. Righteous! But now I don't want to cut it up for collage anymore!

The Montgomery Ward Catologue was the best---it's from 1923, with some color but lots of vintage b/w pages to use for something.

The inside of the ledger I don't want to destroy now.

That's pretty much it. I think at first we were a little disappointed because last year we spent the better part of a week down there and it was such a fantastic time that the boys literally asked for months and months when are we going back to the cabin? This time around we were rushed; our real vacation is in a couple months to a beach house in North Carolina, so for this one we could neither afford time nor money to extend this little journey anymore than we did. It's like we were trying to pack in too much and maybe recapture the magic or something. Well if I learned anything it's this: as parents we have the power at anytime to reset the course of the day. To call a do-over, if you will. Sometimes if you let yourself be pulled into the drama of the moment you miss all the beauty that's happening around you.

There are these moments of Zen happening all the time whether we notice them or not.

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  1. I too loved the Moonville tunnel. The track bed goes for miles in both directions. It stuck in my mind and I found out that it had been cut out in the mid 1800's, was fixed up in 1903, and then continued being used up to the 1970's.

    Even with the fussing (and keeping Nate alive), I still enjoyed the trip. I have never seen the cave are so alive with flowing streams and active waterfalls.