Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Green: the color of May

Haven't had much time for blogging and crafting.

Really haven't been inside much at all.

In fact, it's nearly the end of May now, and I'm just realizing the inspiration color of the month on the YOC blog is green.

Guess this month I am inspired in my own way by green.

Maybe there will be a nice couple of rainy days for me to hole up indoors and work on scrapbooks or something.

These guys would love a nice downpour.

Green salad from my own garden, paired with other summer treats. Now that's green.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I've been avoiding the computer, and all media, while the kids are taking a week off from tv and computer. It's kind of helping me unwind. Just a few things from the past couple weeks.

The husband celebrated another birthday. Fun gift from his mom.

Zack helped make the fruit salad "fancy" with skewers. Kids will eat anything on a skewer.

I thought this simple little cake was so cute. Totally Zack's idea, to make it green, with sprinkles, and inside it's a mocha cake. Mmm.

Brave Nate, at a friend's birthday party.

Check me out; two drinks with dinner. Nah, doesn't show.

Husband and I at our favorite restaurant, Doc Henderson's. I love date night!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My mother's day

Me and the boys on our annual Mother's Day picnic and hike.


Giving Nate a monkeyback ride.

My "loot" including the macaroni necklace!

Standing under a train bridge. We get excited about trains wherever we go, and now they pop up everywhere even when we're not expecting it.

Finally, my mom and me. I never noticed before but I think we are actually dressed alike in this picture. She made me a "mini-me" how funny is that? Boy, I do miss her so much, but I like thinking about her too. I know she's with me.

Happy Mother's Day!

I honor my mom by honoring her sister this mother's day.

A lot of moms I like :-) Miss you lots, Mom!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wallace, in modeling clay

The boys and I had fun with modeling clay yesterday. Zack did this relief of Wallace (of "Wallace and Gromit" fame) I did a bunch of little cutouts to amuse Nathan, and Nate, well, he produced the lovely purple and red blob to the far right. Gotta start somewhere. Anyway like I told Ken, it kept the boys busy for an hour and a half, thus making the bucket of modeling clay the best $4 I've spent all week.