Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Green: the color of May

Haven't had much time for blogging and crafting.

Really haven't been inside much at all.

In fact, it's nearly the end of May now, and I'm just realizing the inspiration color of the month on the YOC blog is green.

Guess this month I am inspired in my own way by green.

Maybe there will be a nice couple of rainy days for me to hole up indoors and work on scrapbooks or something.

These guys would love a nice downpour.

Green salad from my own garden, paired with other summer treats. Now that's green.


  1. we need to get our backyard in order and get plants in there - hopefully next week when hubby has off - our garden isn't anywhere near as cool as yours, but we get by.

  2. You have a gorgeous garden! I wish we had more room to plant a decent garden, or even just have pots. For now I have my few small boxes of herbs and we are trying beans. And I agree, we need a good downpour. Even that "storm" yesterday was not nearly enough.

    Enjoy being outside! And I hope Zack has a great last day! (Taylor had her last day of preschool last Thursday and I was a bit sad, too.)