Sunday, June 28, 2009

Crop, Swap and Be Inspired Party!

Last night I had the coolest party. I invited various friends who have an interest in crafting of all types to come to the house for my "Crop, Swap and Be Inspired Party." Basically, I asked the guests to bring something to eat, something to work on, something to swap (art & craft supplies) and something to show-and-tell. We had a really great time. I was able to get to know friends better, as well as reconnect with friends from Back In The Day.

Prepped for the party: lots of yellow flowers, plus I made a batch of white peach sangria. Delish!

A quick shot of my tidy, neat home. Ken took the boys to the Air Force Museum for the day.

I *attempted* to work on a scrapbook layout, but really just spent my time eating, drinking, socializing, and nosing around at what the others were doing.

Sweetheart Erin brought a gift in the color of the month, yellow. So thoughtful!

Monica, getting her creative on with a collage.

Sheryl brought her spinning wheel. How cool is that? There was a spinning wheel in my family room! She even let me try to spin, and I did okay, well, until it got all curled and knotted, lol.

A blurry pic of Mandy, Erin and Sue. Mandy was making matching dresses for her girls, and Erin was actually doing scrapbooking. (Sorry for the blurry pic....sadly these are the only ones I shot!)

By the end of the night I realized I was the beneficiary of a lot of scrapbook and craft materials, and I must give a hearty thank you to everyone who came!!! Rest assured that all materials not used will have a good home found for them!

A last note: everyone should do this. Especially if you are feeling bored, lonely, isolated. Find an interest and start inviting people over to share your interests with you, be it crafts, a book club, or even getting a mom's group together to go out for a bite and a drink once a month. You will be surprised at how buoyed your spirit will be when you start populating your world with people who care for you and support your interests and passions.


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  2. OOOOPS! I messed up on the first comment, sorry. What I MEANT to say was.....
    This was so inspiring! My friends and I used to get together and play Keno once a month. It was really just an excuse to get know! I'm not sure why we stopped, we just skipped a month, then another....But, I'm going to put a stop to that now. I'm planning a party for July! Thanks!

  3. I had so much fun! I must say that the Sangria was sooo good! I am glad you only had enough for one glass for each! :) And it was so nice meeting some new friends, too! Thanks for hosting this!

  4. mg i'm soooooo jealous!!!! that look like so much fun!!! can i come next time???

  5. That sangria was the best I have ever had. And I have had a lot of sangria in my day. haha. Seriously - I've told everyone I've talked to today about it! Thanks for having us!

  6. Oh, and BTW, that is my that commented! On Blogger, I am known as knitterwifemom! Sorry I didn't sign it!