Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kids crafts and miscellany

I mentioned before that I haven't been all that inspired to do crafts lately, aside from one marathon 48 hours of scrapbooking that yielded 30 pages and completed 2008.

Got a little bit back into the groove with some kids crafts this week. These are birdhouses we painted. The boys' is the crazy, and I think cool one, the castle is a neighborhood friend's, and mine is the standard red barn.

A deserved closeup. The birds will love to live here.

Terrarium project, borrowed from Danielle Thompson's Blog. Very handy idea when you happen to have 40 glass globes from your sister's wedding in the basement. Slowly but surely I find new ways to use them.

These roses are lovely and a lesson in grace. I do nothing for them, other than cut them down in the fall. I should probably prune and give them special fertilizer, but I'm so busy with everything else that I barely notice them. Then they bloom. They just show up and look pretty, and are still a nice surprise every year.

Last month's "Lack of Inspiration" board. This month is pretty busy, but I think I might just be into the color of the month: yellow. Stay tuned...

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