Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not much happening 'cept a big toy purge

Not much happening in our neck of the woods. (I love this pic of Nathan...he has these poindexter moments that crack me up!)

Decided this may as well be the week of dealing with the toy problem. I have no idea how on earth we end up with so many toys. I think this is a signal that the big gathering birthday parties need to be toned down! The biggest toy mystery in our house is how come the boys have so much, yet are constantly fighting over the same toy, usually a very small or crappy one, like from a McDonald's Happy Meal.

Nathan started soccer. He seems to like it, but had zero interest in listening to Coach Jason. He much preferred running up and down the field to learning to trap and dribble.

My guy, unwinding from a hard day's programming by, well, programming.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A summer birthday, and some produce

What a busy week! After having day camp this week, Zack turned 6. Where did those years go, anyway?

Because he had a lot of boys he wanted to invite, we actually gave him two parties, one for family at home and one at a kid game place. He was pretty excited about it.

The big surprise was that we got him a bike. Not just any bike either. It's the Lightning McQueen Huffy. Kachow!

I had to make the homemade cake. This one didn't turn out too bad, and I even got creative with the blue icing. Also I was proud that this is a chocolate cake, and can you see choco crumbs in the white icing? No, you cannot! I actually decorated this while watching Ace of Cakes. Duff Rocks! I'm going to take a cake decorating class one of these days.

Today's haul from the garden. I pulled a patch of carrots to make way for winter squash, as well as some of the onions. The little tomatoes are falling off the vine right now, and I am truly grateful that I haven't had to buy any produce other than lettuce for two weeks.

I am now looking forward to the truly lazy days of summer. :-)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Been busy in the garden...

Okay, actually have been doing a lot of lazing about too. Hopefully once the busyness of Zack's birthday weekend passes I will post a little more regularly again.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Scrapbook pages inspired by stripes

First of all, I am on FIRE this month, and I have done a ton of layouts. I have a new order of prints on the way, and if I keep on track something that has never happened before will happen: I will be "caught up" to the present time in my chronological scrapbook! This will free me up to finally get to a couple of personal projects I've been putting off, including scrapping my own baby pictures for fun.

For July in the Year of Color we are looking at stripes.

I kind of thought I didn't like them, just in general.

But as I opened my mind to them, I think I've just been misusing them.

I never thought to use them as more of an accent than the main paper in a layout.

I also see how the "right stripe" can really complement a given layout.

Happy July! I will post more scrapbook pages as I do them, and more stripes!

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th was soggy but good

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! Despite intermittent drizzling rain, the fireworks went on and our family enjoyed a nice cookout, though we had to eat inside.

My main goal of the day was keeping the kiddos busy, seeing as how our dinner guests weren't due over until 6pm. We set up lots of things for them to do outdoors before it rained. This proved to be so much more successful than our old routine of yelling at the kids all day while we try to keep the house clean.

While the boys played outdoors I decided to craft outside, and found some striped paper. I've been very inspired to be outside all the time lately, and this was something new. I really enjoyed it, well, until I felt a few sprinkles anyway.

My liberty banner.

The boys entertained us with their play, "Cars 2" based on the movie cars. They made their own stick puppets of Lighting McQueen and the gang. It was hard to follow the thread of the story, but an amusing way to spend the time between food and fireworks.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Getting ready for the 4th!

Happy 4th! We've been doing little things all week to get ready for today.

Just had to start my inspiration board for July's theme of stripes, which for the moment is "Stars and Stripes." I just love the vintage sheet music and the McCall's pattern for patriotic costumes. So cool. Also I inherited the patriotic scrapbook paper from Erin, which rocks.

The side dish for our cookout tonight will be a vegetable medley from our garden. Yum!

The boys helped me make this banner the other day. We used a couple of "foamy" stars as stamps, stamped them in red, white and blue poster paint onto triangles cut out of used printer paper, like old google maps and stuff, then shook silver glitter all over.

Our banner in the kitchen

Zack working on his stick puppets. As we worked on various crafts this week, being that it was too cold for swimming this week, I taught the boys bits and pieces about the revolutionary war.

Nate enjoyed singing Yankee Doodle while he painted.

We spent this morning making the stage for the puppet show. I decided this week that instead of our usual routine of griping at each other all day while we clean the house for company, we will have fun together as a family. Ken pitched a tent out back and I put up the little pool for the boys to swim in. We are off and on working on little crafts (yeah, I'm actually decoupaging patriotic scraps onto the puppet stage, lol) practicing the play for tonight, eating whatever we want (which actually will be a quick trip for lunch to our favorite Mexican place, lol. Dinner is a long way off!)

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finishing up month of yellow, and scrapbook pages

OMG is it July? Well before we start on July's theme of "stripes" I will finish up June.

I did some inspiration journaling, and considered that I actually don't look so bad in yellow, esp now that I've spent a bit of time in the sun. Hopefully by summer's end I'll drop that pesky five pounds so I can slip into a couple of cute vintage yellow day dresses I've been hanging onto forever.

I was inspired to use yellow flowers for entertaining at my Crop, Swap and Just Be Inspired party. I had also forgotten how much I like honey bees.

This page made me reconsider bringing some brightness back into the house. We've been into the whole arts-and-crafts colors (red, orange, brown) that it's nice to consider brightening things up a bit.

These scrapbook pages were from Easter morning. I leaned into the yellow/grey/black color scheme, drawing from the chick picture Erin gave me.

More yellow! I only had red paper flowers, so I painted them with acrylic paints for the embellishments. I also liked the hints of red and pink. In fact I really love pink and yellow as a color combination, esp for Easter.

Had to put these scrapbook pages of the boys using goodies Sasha and Danny got me for my birthday. ( I will so love having a scrapbooker in the family if they ever get married, wink wink)

I will add some lettering later I think. I have to add that although I didn't do much crafting at my party, I have been on inspiration overload ever since!

Another page. Here I picked up some sparkly chipboard letters and was dying to use them. I labored over this for a long time, trying to do way too much. In the end a simpler approach turned out to be better.

Our mother's day pics in dusty blue with yellow accents. Darn, I hate to admit it, being a Buckeye and all, but blue and yellow DO look nice together.