Saturday, July 4, 2009

Getting ready for the 4th!

Happy 4th! We've been doing little things all week to get ready for today.

Just had to start my inspiration board for July's theme of stripes, which for the moment is "Stars and Stripes." I just love the vintage sheet music and the McCall's pattern for patriotic costumes. So cool. Also I inherited the patriotic scrapbook paper from Erin, which rocks.

The side dish for our cookout tonight will be a vegetable medley from our garden. Yum!

The boys helped me make this banner the other day. We used a couple of "foamy" stars as stamps, stamped them in red, white and blue poster paint onto triangles cut out of used printer paper, like old google maps and stuff, then shook silver glitter all over.

Our banner in the kitchen

Zack working on his stick puppets. As we worked on various crafts this week, being that it was too cold for swimming this week, I taught the boys bits and pieces about the revolutionary war.

Nate enjoyed singing Yankee Doodle while he painted.

We spent this morning making the stage for the puppet show. I decided this week that instead of our usual routine of griping at each other all day while we clean the house for company, we will have fun together as a family. Ken pitched a tent out back and I put up the little pool for the boys to swim in. We are off and on working on little crafts (yeah, I'm actually decoupaging patriotic scraps onto the puppet stage, lol) practicing the play for tonight, eating whatever we want (which actually will be a quick trip for lunch to our favorite Mexican place, lol. Dinner is a long way off!)

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!!

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  1. I love the banner! You must be the most fun mom ever... You should be a girl scout leader.