Friday, July 10, 2009

Scrapbook pages inspired by stripes

First of all, I am on FIRE this month, and I have done a ton of layouts. I have a new order of prints on the way, and if I keep on track something that has never happened before will happen: I will be "caught up" to the present time in my chronological scrapbook! This will free me up to finally get to a couple of personal projects I've been putting off, including scrapping my own baby pictures for fun.

For July in the Year of Color we are looking at stripes.

I kind of thought I didn't like them, just in general.

But as I opened my mind to them, I think I've just been misusing them.

I never thought to use them as more of an accent than the main paper in a layout.

I also see how the "right stripe" can really complement a given layout.

Happy July! I will post more scrapbook pages as I do them, and more stripes!


  1. seriously you need to teach me how to scrapbook - you are the queen!!!

  2. You are totally awesome!! Great pages and so fun!