Sunday, August 9, 2009

Color and Art at the Ohio State Fair

The entrance!

I tried to find lots of colorful things to photograph for the Year of Color.

This month's color idea is multicolor.

The fair, especially from the sky lift, explodes with color.

A blurry pic of a colorful person we met.

The children's area in the fine arts building included this fiber piece.

They had a bunch of fabric scraps, thread and needles, and buttons for anyone to add to the piece.

I heard passersby audibly making fun of me for taking photos of the birdhouses.

I didn't care because they can be art too!

Had to visit the antiques building, but didn't find anything interesting or affordable.

The boys, for the first time, both went on their own on many of the kiddie rides. Also as a family we rode down the big yellow slide!

These were in a display in the cow building. Reminded me of Pastor Ellen's front porch. Hens and chicks rock.

Part of this year's butter sculpture at the dairy building. Hurray Ohio ice cream!

Me by a tractor.

This band was so neat. The guy on the left is playing the didgeridoo, while the rest of the group were drumming.

Usually I hit the games; as a kid the biggest deal in the world was walking out with a big stuffed animal. However, in the interest of raising kids who are less materialistic than me, we didn't gather a lot of swag and I skipped the games.

Our best memories today: the food, the NASA exhibit where we got to see a real moonrock, the big slide and the skylifts.


  1. So many fun pics! But I have to admit that my absolute fav is the butter sculpture!! Is there really a competition (more than one)! Awesome!

  2. The Ohio Fair looks like a lot of fun. Would love to spend a family Sunday at it.
    I loved your colorful umbrellas and the birdhouses. I would have taken pics of them too!!
    Mmmm-and now I am craving some good, fresh vanilla ice cream.

  3. Love all of your colorful photos. It looks like you have fun with the camera and I can understand that!