Saturday, August 8, 2009

I had to sneak away to the thrift today.

I suppose I should first mention that I was totally inspired last night by my friend Erin's house. I was there for book club (A Tree Grows in Brooklyn...loved it!) I would call Erin's decorating style "Modern Upscale Cottage" maybe? It's beautiful, soft, clean and comfortable, lots of distressed white. Very cool. (Okay so it looks like a frickin magazine...I drank too much sangria to remember to pull out the camera and take some pictures. Hopefully Erin will someday photograph her house and blog about it, ahem.) So after getting my hair done this morning and grocery shopping, and since Ken took the boys for soccer and haircuts anyway, I popped into my local thrift. I think I had her place on the brain when I picked up this peony picture.

My real purpose for the visit to the thrift though was to find things to repurpose. This box will be painted, decoupaged and get new ribbon handles, to be used for Artsymama's "Sweet and Sinister Swap" which I signed up for today. I am getting ahead of myself though because that swap is Halloween themed!

I also picked up a couple of interesting looking frames. The thrift is the best place in the world for frames. I got these for under $2 each, and will most likely paint the brown one (the white one is that distressed cottage that I'm liking so much) and both will definitely hold new art.

Repurposing is fun and cheap. I want to make a Halloween wreath this year, and again, for under $2 I will undo what never should have been done to this one and make it into something completely new!

I'm really happy about this. I picked it up because I just liked it. Especially for the dollar I paid. When I got it home I noticed a made in Japan sticker, plus it says Kutani. Turns out Kutani is a region in Japan that's been making porcelain for hundreds of years. Go figure! Now I'm not looking to get rich off it, but I could make $10 on Ebay, woot woot! It's a pretty little thing so I'm going to keep it and enjoy it.

The men did some manly crafting today. Ken was helping Zack assemble is USS Carolina Battleship model, so I gave Nathan a rocket birdhouse I've been saving for a rainy day.

He painted it orange, of course. Kept him busy though! I'll be sure to post the finished battleship, though I think it will take a while to get it all done.

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