Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dining room reclamation, our own little Oktoberfest, and the last day of September

The cooler air has me uplifted and inspired. I was celebrating the orange and copper theme of year of color today, basically looking for anything orange to photograph.

The scarecrow gets his yearly outing.

I finally cleared out all of my craft items and thrift store treasures from the dining room! Doesn't fall just put you in the mood for that kind of thing?

Now the office looks like the dining room. Soon I will begin the process of really, truly making a nice workspace for myself. Until then, I'm still crafting on 10 inches of workspace, lol.

One orange craft item I made this month, inspired by the really hip art over on

Back cover of the notepad.

A canvas I did, hanging in our tv room fits the orange and copper theme.

Zack gathered leaves to photograph. Aye, what have I started?

Homemade applesauce cooking on the stove.

Getting good use of our cast iron skillet with some potato pancakes.

Our "little Oktoberfest" meal, complete with Reisling.

One of my favorite guys.

One of my other favorite guys.


  1. Shannon,
    I REALLY like your canvas that you put up on the wall-so cool!
    can I come for dinner?!

  2. Your dining room looks great! I've been dying to get mums out on my porch, but I've been traveling so much the past couple of weeks that they would have died due to lack of water. This weekend, though.... :-)