Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Emergency Harvest

Inspired by my buddy Monica, without whom I'd be clueless to the fact that we have a frost warning tonight! BTW check the bumper eggplant crop. Hopefully the few winter squash that made it will hang in there a few more weeks.

The compost corner

Pumpkin #2, still has a bit of green on it.

Lettuce is the smartest, easiest thing I grew this summer, and it is loving the cold weather. Salads tomorrow!

Get a load of all these peppers! Plus there were a couple dozen green tomatoes. The tomatoes were a bit of a disappointment, but hey my garden was awesome this summer. I have zero complaints. Now it's time for ratatouille and "Lacho." Lacho is a dish that my husband's mom always made: you basically cook up some keilbasa, smoked sausage or Bahama Mama of your choice, and add to it in a big cookpot lots of chunked up tomatoes (canned, if necessary,) green bell peppers, onions, and garlic. Serve in a giant bowl with cooked rice. It is basically easy and wonderful. Oh and the leftovers are awesome too.

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  1. Yeah, we certainly got a frost last night. Glad we got ours in as well.

    Ratatouille is what we're thinking of too!