Thursday, September 10, 2009

Orange and Copper Inspiration for September

My first pumpkin! We grew this ourselves! It has a nice green sibling further down the vine that is even bigger now.

September's color inspiration is the oranges and coppers of fall. This little beauty is called a Velvet Queen sunflower and I plan to have them all over my back yard next year.

I actually got started on my inspiration board this time.

I always plant a ton of marigolds from the previous year's seeds, and I always have extra, so if you need marigolds I'm your source. A lot of animals don't like the smell, so if you do a perimeter around your plants it makes a good barrier. I didn't make a barrier this year, and the bunnies and groundhogs worked as a team to chew through the fencing, so basically I had a critter salad bar in my backyard. Definitely I am going back to the marigold perimeter next year!

One handsome bumblebee.

I am so glad fall is here!

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