Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A thrift store trip and the Law of Attraction

I trolled my favorite thrift, no lie, with the idea in the back of my mind that maybe I would find a craft raven for a Halloween project. Lo and behold, there it was! Hidden in a bag of roosters! Though now I have a bag of roosters that I don't need, but it was under $2, which is less than I'd have paid for a raven in the craft shop. Shows you the universe has a sense of humor.

I also scored a huge amount of fancy gift ribbon, so I basically should never have to buy ribbon again in my whole life, especially considering that most of the time I end up saving the ribbons once the gifts are open anyway.

I also found another vintage pattern. I copy the images to use in collage sometimes. I might start selling them on Etsy. I also found a neat little vintage day dress that fits me great for $2.

The deals are all great, but now I am feeling the need to shore up the finances and make some changes in my habits. I'm starting to notice that I will take darn near any excuse to run to the thrift or craft stores, justifying the expense because I am getting a deal, right? Actually after a summer of thrift store deals and magic Michael's coupons my dining room is overflowing with stuff. I find myself needing to either "craft my way out of the hole" or, horror of horrors, actually get rid of a lot of the treasures I've amassed. Any way you look at it, I know I have packratting tendencies, and those combined with overspending tendencies will lead me astray from our family's real financial goals, being to fully fund IRA's and 529's, pay the house off, and pay cash for everything else, and to raise the kids in a non materialistic way. Well, honestly how can I raise kids not to be materialistic if I'm running out to the stores every other day?

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  1. Love the raven in the midst of the roosters!! How awesome is that? And a vintage day dress for $2.00??? That would be way hard to pass up.
    But, life is all about balance and I commend you for looking at al your treasures and wondering how you can use what you have or sell it. Who knows what will come of THAT adventure?
    Maybe the thrift store could be a treat once a month?
    Wishing you a good day!