Saturday, October 31, 2009

My baby turned 4 today!

Here is Nathan, in his much anticipated gorilla costume.

Nathan, with his uncle who got into the spirit of things.

4 Candles in the cupcake.

The party place at a local park. Chilly day, but we made it fun.

Myself as a witch, big brother Zack is the little Bugs Bunny, my husband with his costume he spent minutes on, my mother in law, and of course the star of the day.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween crafts I've been working on

I've been putting the new workspace to work this month, and getting inspired by the black and white theme of October for the year of color.

A wicked collage.

A spooky wreath I did with goodies my sweet and sinister swap pal sent me.

Creepy altered birdhouse.

From the side.

From the back.

Fancy BOO banner, made with tags and scraps and painted, glittered ceramic letters.

Now it's time for fun! Last night was trick or treat, and tomorrow is my son's 4th birthday, so I'll be posting pics from those events. May your Halloween be a scream!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's raining, I'm junking...

Two things today:

First, it's raining. Also it is my first day this week to be out of the house for two hours without kids, the sick ones I've been home with all week, so I hit the thrifts for my monthly foray. The one was loaded with owls. In fact the lady at the cash register said that a man had been in their earlier that day buying a cartload of owl stuff. Someone must have donated her owl collection not knowing how much money they could fetch for retro owl stuff in the secondary market.

Really cool retro Christmas ornaments in good condition.

Several pretty retro linens. I am loving all the orange.

Second, I cleaned up my part of the office over last weekend and made a nice little studio space for myself.


It's beating the heck out of trying to do things in the dining room. For one thing, I had forgotten how good the light is in there for photographing things. Also having a dedicated space for my projects has inspired me to do more. So far I did a b/w Halloween wreath (will show later) as well as lots of pictures for my Etsy which hopefully I will get going in the next week or two. I also hope to get back to scrapbooking before I get busy with making Christmas gifts.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scenes from fall: Provisions

What would fall be without 20 pounds of apples? Lol, when you go to Lynd's they ask do you want the little bag for $10 or the big one for $16, so you think, I drove all this way, may as well take the big one! Only later did I figure out I'd bought 20 pounds of apples. But hey at 80 cents a pound, that's fine with me.
Spices, local honey and sprinkles...let the baking begin!

A few lucky window ripened tomatoes and 3 winter squash I found this morning while cleaning out the garden.

Jams, maple syrup and chestnuts from Lynd's. Oh and something called pumpkin bread. And another something called pumpkin butter. Delicious!

Two pumpkins from Lynd's.

And two we grew ourselves. Let autumn begin!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scenes from fall: Farm Market

More from our trip to Lynd's Fruit Farm.

We tackled the Persian Nights Corn Maze. Seriously it's 4 1/2 miles of maze, though we didn't make it through the whole thing because the young ones were getting tired.

Nate and Daddy

The market.

What a fun day.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Scenes from fall: Pumpkins

More pics from our Saturday visit to Lynd's Fruit Farm.

Stalking the perfect pumpkin.

Tis myself.

Ken, sort of posing.

Nathan, goofing.

Zack holding his pick: a little guy that he calls "Spookster."

I'm sure the folks at the farm market thought me nuts, taking pictures of the pumpkins in bins.

This one's big enough!

Now that is a sincere little pumpkin.

The perfect pumpkin patch picture.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Scenes from fall: Apples!

Took a trip yesterday to Lynd's Fruit Farm in Pataskala, Ohio. Gorgeous place, and very popular too. They have all kinds of family fun for fall.

At Lynd's you are heavily encouraged to sample as you go. The ground was littered with cores!

My little buddy playing hide and seek.

Dads are good for helping you get the tasty ones from up high in the tree.


There's lots more pics, and I'm hoping to post every day this week. It is likely one or both kids will be missing school the next couple of days because this morning the elder brother ate no breakfast and now has an almost 100 degree fever. Uh oh. At least we had a fun time yesterday.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

October frost

The sun trying to peek through the fog was just too pretty this morning, so I had to dash out (in sandals of all things) and snap a few pics before breakfast.

I just love the first frost.

I also love October!

Goodnight, little strawberry patch. See you in the spring.

October's color idea is black and white, so hopefully I will be posting a few things now that the cooler weather has me indoors a bit more. Still, great walking weather to be had.