Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's raining, I'm junking...

Two things today:

First, it's raining. Also it is my first day this week to be out of the house for two hours without kids, the sick ones I've been home with all week, so I hit the thrifts for my monthly foray. The one was loaded with owls. In fact the lady at the cash register said that a man had been in their earlier that day buying a cartload of owl stuff. Someone must have donated her owl collection not knowing how much money they could fetch for retro owl stuff in the secondary market.

Really cool retro Christmas ornaments in good condition.

Several pretty retro linens. I am loving all the orange.

Second, I cleaned up my part of the office over last weekend and made a nice little studio space for myself.


It's beating the heck out of trying to do things in the dining room. For one thing, I had forgotten how good the light is in there for photographing things. Also having a dedicated space for my projects has inspired me to do more. So far I did a b/w Halloween wreath (will show later) as well as lots of pictures for my Etsy which hopefully I will get going in the next week or two. I also hope to get back to scrapbooking before I get busy with making Christmas gifts.


  1. LOVE the sweet owls and all the things you found! Isn't thrift store therapy awesome! Plus, great job cleaning your office. That is ongoing with me also. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. I wish you had a picture of the other side of this room :-)

  3. Shannon,
    The Christmas ornaments are the BEST!

  4. Those Jewel-Brite ornaments you got on your junking trip are wonderful! And I love your little crafting corner. It's nice to have a space dedicated to creating, isn't it?