Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Scenes from fall: Provisions

What would fall be without 20 pounds of apples? Lol, when you go to Lynd's they ask do you want the little bag for $10 or the big one for $16, so you think, I drove all this way, may as well take the big one! Only later did I figure out I'd bought 20 pounds of apples. But hey at 80 cents a pound, that's fine with me.
Spices, local honey and sprinkles...let the baking begin!

A few lucky window ripened tomatoes and 3 winter squash I found this morning while cleaning out the garden.

Jams, maple syrup and chestnuts from Lynd's. Oh and something called pumpkin bread. And another something called pumpkin butter. Delicious!

Two pumpkins from Lynd's.

And two we grew ourselves. Let autumn begin!


  1. Wow-your very own home grown pumpkins, I am impressed!! Let us know what you do with 20 lbs. of apples!!!!!!