Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall walk and the colors of November: brown & sepia

Took a walk with the boys today. Good day to get into the yard and check things out. We've had tons of jays and cardinals enjoying the sunflowers this year.

The garden really needs cleaned up! Sadly my autumn weariness came a little early this year. Hopefully I'll find a good day to work on it this week.

The pond is a bit low even for fall. The world is turning brown.

Ken and the boys wanted to goof around the construction site. They are changing the flow of a waterway behind our house to make it more natural and flowing. I wasn't happy with my offspring climbing the tall piles of mud, but at least I had my boots on too.

There were several little pretty pictures to shoot.

I'm looking forward to new ideas in brown and sepia this month while preparing for Thanksgiving. This year's meal will be our biggest to date: 13 people in all!


  1. You have the most amazing skies where you live! I bet the boys had a BLAST on the dirt hill....and all shoes were left outside?

  2. Love all the Fall colors and the country side! I miss that living and working in the city. Although, San Diego is lovely!

    I love seeing photos of your family.