Monday, November 23, 2009

I love free stuff and bonus lettuce!

First good thing today: on the way to take Zack to school, I saw that the neighbors had a free sign up on a big pile of landscaping stuff. I circled back after dropping him off for a closer look. There was a giant stack of the nice concrete barriers, the kind that retail for $6-$10 a piece! Straightaway I knew they'd be great for the strawberry patch. I ended up taking about half of what they had, so if anybody else wants some they can have dibs, but also mentioned to the husband that if it was still there when he comes home tonight we could do a little circle to build an herb garden in next summer. :-)

Second good thing today: bonus lettuce. Even though it is November 23rd I was able to harvest enough for a salad today! Hurray!

Third good thing was that I had help in the garden from Nathan, who is a handy guy to have around when you need a pile of rocks moved.

Fourth good thing was that I also got the bulbs planted. I've been hesitant because we've been blessed with the most insanely good weather this year, but now I think Indian Summer #3 is now over and the bulbs will be safe till spring.

Fifth good thing is that I get to spend the remainder of this chilly day warm and cozy, playing legos with Nathan.

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  1. What an awesome day!!! And those blocks were free?? Crazy! Hope you had fun with the legos-we still love legos!