Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009: what worked, and what didn't

Doing my annual assessment of the year. First and foremost getting serious about doing lots of date nights was indispensable.

The garden was great and totally worth the effort and expense.

We ate and ate and ate from it. Next year I won't do so much eggplant's okay, but gets a little monotonous. I also learned that I can eat fresh lettuce in Ohio in April and still be eating it in early December.

Next year, I must plant the marigolds all the way around the garden. The year I did that, it really worked out keeping out the critters. This year I did not, and the bunnies and groundhogs used my vegetable patch as a salad bar.

A big score this year: the neighbors were giving away free garden stones! My strawberries will be able to sprawl in peace next spring!

I lost a few pounds a few pounds and looked great for a few months, lol, then gained a few back. This year I will at least feel confident that I have the know-how to do it right this time.

What I learned the hard way about jam: strain it good, and get some pectin for insurance.

Lesson learned: get two bags of apples. Or go apple picking a few times.

Creating a little art space for myself was definitely a good thing. I did a ton of scrapbooking just in the last month.

Making crafts for gifts was a real joy.

I really enjoyed Kari's Year of Color blog, and it really opened my mind to artistic pursuits.

I joined two swaps this year to motivate myself toward crafting and meeting new people.

Sadly, and I mean this with sincerity, I think I was out of my league and was given much more generous, thoughtful and well crafted gifts than I gave. In the new year I think I will put the brakes on swaps for a while.

Another weird thing about this year of crafting: I now have a lot of things in my house that I'm not too sure about. (In a day or two I will write about my frustration with stuff.) Plus I spent a lot of time on the swaps, and on various household crafts, leaving very little time for the three main things I wanted to do, which were scrapbooking, illustrated personal journaling and my altered book.

Additionally I spent a lot on supplies and vintage finds, and a lot of it is just sitting there. I did make a few sales on Etsy, but I also question whether it is worth the time and effort.

A simple thing to do next year: plant these Velvet Queen sunflowers all over the back yard.

The best times this year were with these two guys and their dad. :-)

Finally, I am so happy to have made a few friends in blogland this year! Thanks for your support and encouragement! May you have a blessed 2010!

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