Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cool Stuff Under the Tree

I tried my best to seek out meaningful and thoughtful gifts this year. I have to brag a bit on the robes I made for the boys: Zack said "Wow! A robe of my very own!" when he opened it and couldn't believe I actually made it myself.

My brother in law saved the day by finding a source for boozy Asbach candies, which all of the sudden are illegal to sell in Ohio.

Brother in law also brought Trader Joe's Peppermint Bark and Jeni's Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet, because he knew I really needed a few more calories (and believe me I will enjoy each and every one!) Another edible gift, unpictured, was from my brother in law's mom, Deb. She came for Christmas morning bearing a fresh pan of mac and cheese she had made that morning, so that we wouldn't have to worry about cooking dinner. How awesome is that?

Husband is starting to get into my goal of buying pre-owned or handmade: he used my Etsy.com wishlist and got me handmade and vintage aprons.

Probably my favorite goody, also from Etsy: vintage art deco ring with my birthstone, aquamarine.

Kind of a funny find: I got husband flames to put on his netbook. Pretty sweet, eh?

The gift that keeps on giving: thousands of supertiny legos have kept the boys of every age busy for three solid days!

Could I ask for a better (hopefully) future sister in law? Not only did they give me a card to the best place ever, she made the card herself!

For my brother we got a friend to finish the afghan my mother started for him before she died. The amusing part is the friend who did it lives in Michigan...she said she would hide it when company came by! Check her out at Magikjaz Creations!

Our little drummer boy has proven himself worthy by practicing hard at his lessons this year, so his Oma and uncle got him a snare!

We thought these were so funny: my brother in law likes to build things on his desk, so we got him the silly blocks from Starbucks. He seemed to like them.

Without a doubt the oddest gift of the year was a quesadilla maker from my mother in law. We really aren't into unitaskers, but hey we like quesadillas.

Best gift of all: a dusting of snow on the 26th, once we were all home and the festivities of Christmas behind us, gifts cleaned up, and children tucking into bed.


  1. awww thanks for the shout out - and it looks like you had an awesome xmas!!!!

  2. Shannon,
    What a sweet Christmas. Your boys are just the best-all three!!
    Love the snow for Christmas, and your gifts were all so thoughtful. Have a Happy New Year.

  3. Looks like a Great Christmas!!!!
    Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What a great Christmas! I haven't been online for what feels like forever, but I'm all caught up on my friends' blogs now! Yours is one of my favorites to read. Happy New Year! We need to get together soon!