Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Homemade Christmas Goodies

Today was our big cookie decorating day!

The husband is thankfully home for vacation until the rest of the year, so he got to join the fun for a change.

He is so much more creative than he thinks he is...his cookies rock!

I made a point this year of getting all the boring and tedious bits of Christmas, like the shopping, out of the way, so that the big week would be full of fun. And it worked. This is a little banner I made this week.

Luminary candles I made for a few good women I know.

I put the boys to work a bunch this week. Not only did they participate in the fun stuff, they also offered to clean the kitchen with me too!

Zack's activity idea: give all of our guests a gingerbread person to decorate. I just love having a first grader around! I'm sure we will all have fun!

More responsibilities: for a good time, hand your kids the wrapping paper, safety scissors and tape, tell them they are in charge of the gift wrapping, then grab a warm beverage and let the hilarity ensue! The results may not be pretty, but they will have fun, and it's one less job for you!

Okay, I am so proud of these: I made these bathrobes for the boys! I've never sewn a garment before. They aren't perfect, but they definitely resemble robes.

I hope all my blogland friends have a very Merry Christmas, and I can't wait to see all your pictures after the holidays! Cheers!

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  1. I love your robes!!!!! You're pretty brave. The first thing I made for my boys was sleeping pants, and I HAD sewn..many things. I love the fabric, very boyish. I also love the cookies. Your boys are so cute!! You would have loved our fourth grade class Christmas party. Each fourth grader was allowed to decorate their own cookie. We had little zip lock bags of different colored icing, sprinkles and a HUGE MESS, it was great!!! Merry Christmas!