Monday, December 21, 2009

Making ready for Christmas

Celebrating the solstice by getting the "lack of a mantle" in order. On chilly days like today I wonder if we maybe should have got a house with a fireplace, but still I am glad for a warm house!

Here's a funny thing: Zack's teacher sent a little gift home for all the classroom volunteers, and although it's just a token, I swear it brought tears to my eyes. I think perhaps I was caught off guard in the midst of this busy Christmas season by someone thinking of me. I was tickled to have my very own candy cane!

Spent our weekend doing things with my mother-in-law's German club. The children's party was Saturday, and one of the gifts they sent home was a foam gingerbread house kit, which gave us something to do when we got home! We also got to hear a beautiful concert given by the German and Swiss clubs, which included Alpenhorns and Yodelers, capped with dinner a German Restaurant. In retrospect I wish I had taken more pictures! Frohliche Weinachten!

At least the stockings are hung. The stockings are my favorite part.

Despite coughs and sneezes that are keeping us indoors, we are making quite merry today!

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  1. looks like you are all having so much fun!! I love the idea of a foam gingerbread house. We tried the one from Michaels and it was a disaster!