Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Misc Christmas Happenings

We've been pretty busy getting ready for the holidays.

Today was Nathan's preschool program.

Ken got the day off work so we could go.

We got our Polar Express up and running, but only barely. There's a short in a wire, so we will need to replace it. Not so easy considering modern "stuff" is made to be trashed not repaired, but we will figure stuff out. Also note the tree skirt made by my mom...it's reversible, and this year we are going for the ornament side.

A cool craft made from existing materials...5 boxes of thrift store ornaments, a coat hanger, and thrift store ribbon. Obviously not my own idea, I've been seeing these all over the internet. One word to the wise: if you do this, be sure to use a glue gun to attach each and every ornament to its metal cuff and wire. When you don't, every time you move it three or four will fall off. Then, when you try to put them back on, more will fall off. (Did I mention I actually made this twice? Husband, aka "the one with the common sense" actually suggested using the glue gun before I even started, but of course I was in a hurry and paid no attention.)

We trimmed the tree as a family with my in laws. Literally every branch has an ornament with some kind of story behind it.

Sadly our angel wouldn't light this year...checked the fuses and every bulb, but couldn't figure it out. Did I mention that modern stuff is made to be trashed and replaced? Well, I decided that the angel doesn't need to be lit up, so I removed the strand of lights from her and put her up there anyway, and she looks just beautiful as she is.

I am so looking forward to this Christmas!


  1. Shannon, LOVE the wreath! They ARE everywhere right now!!
    How fun all the programs are when the kids are little-enjoy!

  2. You have the cutest boys!!!! Adorable.