Thursday, January 7, 2010

30 Minutes for Me

For the new year I've come up with a routine for myself that I'm calling 30 Minutes for Me.

Basically, every day I take a walk around the pond out back for 10 minutes, regardless of the weather, I exercise for 10 minutes, and I meditate for 10 minutes.

I can do it altogether or split it up as needed through the day.

So far I've done this for 7 days and I'm really feeling pretty good.

It's 20 degrees here today, windy and bitter cold. They say 3-6 inches of snow will fall by midnight. Good thing I've got great boots!


  1. Wow - what a great affirmation for a new year! And, 30 minutes is so manageable. Your photos are beautiful. I got such a feeling of peace as I was reading your blog and seeing the photos. Thanks for that, I had a hectic week and you have eased my mind.

  2. Oh, Shannon- BRRRR!!! But it is beautiful in your pictures. But, BRRRR! Good for you for your time to yourself.
    I am curious to see how your year goes with the no-consumerism. Will you continue to blog about it? I sure hope so!