Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter Pining

Took the boys out sledding out back yesterday. I actually don't recall ever having been sledding before! As a city girl, it just wasn't accessible for me. And by the time we moved to the burbs I was a bit old, or so I thought. So today was fun for me because I sledded too!

My little snow warriors! Though it hasn't actually snowed for days, they seem to want to shovel every day when we get home from school.

Still taking my walks around the pond, though doing it in daylight since the other evening when I found coyote tracks in the snow. Several years back I started dreaming about them, then suddenly one Sunday morning, very early, my husband and I saw one grabbing a "snack" from the edge of the pond. I thought we were going crazy until I read an article in the Dispatch about coyotes being back in central Ohio. Now, especially in the spring and summer, we here them yipping at night, and I kind of like them.

St. Francis weathering the snow.

This is the spot where the lettuce and tomatoes will go on the deck once all this white stuff is gone. For now I did some indoor planting today of lavender and a few tulip bulbs.

I also did this idea I saw in MaryJane's Farm in an article called "Square inch gardening."

You line a couple of jewel boxes with paper towels, sprinkle in your leftover seeds, spritz with water, and cover with just a handful of soil.

Park your little greenhouses in the window, and soon you'll have sprouts! I'm also trying some in jars which is a little more traditional. Little things help take the edge off the chilly days.


  1. Cool sledding pics!

    Yeah, we've had coyotes galore ever since we moved out to the edge of developed Hilliard. They live in the cornfield by our house. We've seen them walking down the street in the middle of the night, even. Their babies make such neat little howls.

  2. Shannon, your winter pictures are beautiful!
    And I love, love the header with all you boots. All the boy stuff and then the cute girlie boots. Makes me smile!! Lucky for you that you don't have to pay to go sledding like we did!!!