Monday, February 15, 2010

My tea came just in time for more snow :-)

What a fabulous weekend we had. I am completely without photos, as we were enjoying ourselves so much. In a nutshell, Friday night we danced with our class at the 94 Aero Squadron, which has a DJ on Friday nights. They also have a big band on Thursdays, so hopefully we can do that sometime down the road. We were only able to stay for a couple of hours, but it was fun to be out for dancing and a cocktail at happy hour. Next we grabbed a bite at the Old Bag of Nails pub, which is becoming quite "something" in central Ohio. In retrospect I'm glad we went, because we got to see a good bit of the Olympic opening ceremonies, which we Tivo'd, then lost the next morning to make room for a bunch of episodes of some cartoon that was having a marathon.

Saturday morning a package came: it was my prize from Average Betty! You would not believe the delicious aroma of this box of organic tea when I opened it. This is just dam-good tea! Each bag is like some kind of fabric, and it's basically loose teas and various dried herbs in their natural form. My husband loves the chai and Earl Grey and I am nuts about the jasmine green tea, which is made with real jasmine. It is like sipping tea in an exotic garden. Delicious!

Saturday night we had frouffy romantic dinner at the Refectory, a French American restaurant here in town. It was a 5 course menu, with a lot of unrecognizable but tasty foods. I got the wine pairings too, so each course came with a different wine. Delicious!

Sunday, we took the boys to Best Buy for a new television. Yeah I said I was going to stop buying stuff. *Sigh.* Still fighting the good fight. The television was something we've been meaning to do for a long time. We have had the same 27 inch television since before I ever met Ken; he thinks it was 15-16 years old. Still in good condition, and destined for either a yard sale or thrift shop, it did its duty we think. We got ourselves a modest 32 inch modern television, which will hopefully last a while, and if nothing else is a lot greener than the old "tube set." Then we made way to our favorite little bakery, Cake Creations, so everyone could pick his or her own cupcake. We love that bakery because it is local, and totally family owned and operated. (The baker's dad apparently did most of the construction in the shop even!) As a scrapbooker and blogger, I am ashamed at my lack of photos, LOL, but it was a fun day.

Cut to today:
Weatherman says we're looking at 6-9 inches of snow by morning. Can you see that little thing sticking out over the snow? That's our mailbox.

Good thing I have the brand new teapot I got with the free tea. It virtually has not stopped working this weekend. We are all sacked out on the couch, reading books and having tea while we watch the olympics. I can deal with this.


  1. Good heavens!!! That is more snow than I would ever dream of being in!! Good thing there's tea!

  2. I just updated my WP blog and got this incoming slice of your life from February :)

    The teapot looks so cute on your stove and I love the Olympics too.

    Maybe some iced tea is coming soon?